Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's an addiction

Unfortunately my crazy husband has an expensive addiction...red bull. One 8 oz can of that stuff goes for 3 bucks full price and 2 bucks on sale where we live. Recently me and a buddy were talking about this and she told me we should get a soda stream because the "energy drink" flavor tastes exactly like red bull. I looked it up and sure enough that's what everybody was saying. So when my mom asked what to get CH for Christmas I told her the cheapest soda stream model. Well that honestly was a huge money saver for us because if you do the math .15 cents for the co2 per liter ($15 for a refill divided by 60 uses) plus .58 cents for the syrup per liter (6.99 divided by the 12 uses)and maybe a couple pennies for the water per liter it equals out to be .75 cents for a liter which makes approximately four 8 oz cans, about nineteen cents a can. On average he had about 4 a week so this saves us at least $7.25 a week or $377 dollars a year! So if you or your partner has an energy drink addiction and you know they ( or you) aren't going to stop any time soon it might be worth looking into.

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