Thursday, February 28, 2013

My experiment with homemade applesauce

When I was younger and had braces my diet was very limited every time they had to get tightened. I admittedly am kind of a baby when it comes to pain but those things really hurt! So for probably 2 or 3 days after they got tightened I would only eat soft food like ice cream, bananas, smoothies, and applesauce. That I think is when I really started to love applesauce. Even 5 years later I still eat it a couple times a week as an adult. Well it can get kind of expensive to spend 4 dollars (really 3.99) on 6 little cups of it. So when I saw that apples were on sale for 49 cents a pound at the store I got 6 pounds of Fiji apples and decided it was worth trying to make my own. It was sooooo easy all I did was core the apples and trow them in the slow cooker with just a little bit of water  and half a tsp of cinnamon and set it on low for 8 hours. Fast forward 8 hours and I scooped out the  very soft apples (left the juice in the crock pot) and blended them until completely smooth and boom I had yummy homemade applesauce! The apples alone made it sweet enough for me but I'm sure it would work fine with sugar added. I didn't measure the amount I exactly but I would guess about 18 regular size applesauce cups worth (3 packs from the store). Since this literally took me about 10 minutes total I know I will be doing it on a regular basis. As an added bonus and my CH's favorite part the juice that is left over is essentially delicious homemade apple cider.

Maybe not the best picture but it shows the final product which is much darker then the store version due to the cinnamon and the peels 

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