Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ditching paper towels

This post is a bit delayed because we started doing this a few months ago but I figured why not.... We used to be paper towel hogs we would go through a bounty big roll in a week. This was an expensive habit I would spend 5 dollars for two big roles twice a month. So 10 dollars a month and 120 dollars a year on just paper towels. That obviously needed to change because really that is just outrageous. I looked around and saw that I could buy some nice ones that snapped around the paper towel holder  (Not good enough at sewing to sew them myself) but they were pricey and I didn't even know if we would use them.

I decided that I would stop by Walmart to see if they had anything that would work. I found an 18 count washcloth set for 4 dollars and decided to try it out. Well it works fine and we have been using them ever since. I still have a roll of paper towels on hand for if we have company but we have had the same roll out for 2 months now and it is 3/4 full still.

My mom asked me if I really save money since I still have to wash and dry them, well yes I do. I throw them in with our on towel load we wash every few weeks so I don't run any extra loads for them. To dry them I usually line dry them unless its bad weather so usually I don't pay to dry them either.

We keep the clean ones folded next to the sink and the dirty ones go in a reusable bag that I have in the cabinet under the sink.

An easy way to save 100 dollars a year. The only question is how long will they last? I am  not sure but 2 months in I see no viable wear so hopefully a while. I will update when I need replacements.

(Another comment from my mom: Please don't tell me you are going to switch to reusable Toilet Paper too... Ummm no I couldn't handle that nor get hubby on board but more power to you if you do it)

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