Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A night out on the cheap!

On of the local bars does 20 cent drafts on Tuesday nights and a usual cover charge of six dollars. I happened to have a coupon for no cover charge for both of us so we decided to go have a good time. I drove so I only had 2 beers but CH had about six... Overall cost for the night was 8 dollars with tip. For 5 hours of dancing, drinking, and having fun with our friends it was awesome.

How does your family have fun in the frugal way?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I love productive days!

I feel like I did a ton today which is a good thing because it is my last day until my full time work schedule kicks in. Remember all of those peppers from the last post? I chopped those (all but 4!) and put them in the freezer to be used in fajitas and other yummy things. I also made a months worth of dog food and froze it bags that will last a week each. I went to the grocery store and went over budget for the week including all of those bell peppers I ended up spending about $85 dollars this week but next week should be pretty low since we are stocked up on everything. I hope everyone has a great Sunday night!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Enough until they start to grow...

I ran into my local grocery store to grab a few things and I noticed a big sign that said "Today only ALL bell peppers 3 for a dollar!". So I went a little over board and got 24 of them. My plan is to cut and freeze all but the ones that we will eat this week. I figure I will have enough to last until my garden starts to give me my own... Or close anyway. So no you will not be seeing any of these babies show up in a food waste Friday post!

Food Waste Friday!

I dont know why I put the exclamation mark, I still managed to waste some spinach (again!)....

Simply Being Mum

Like I said last week I am doing this to be more aware of what I am wasting and home that I can curb my waste to nothing, but geeez the spinach! Maybe I should not buy any this week hmm...

Anyway here is what I have
-About 1/4 of a tub of spinach
-A tiny bit of chipotle mayo that got forgotten
-A little but of left over guacamole from some enchiladas this week
-Half a bunch of green onions(I know they don't look to bad but trust me they were!)

I don't think i had a terrible week but it would have been better if I had nothing to show.
What did you waste this week? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How long could you go without buying food?

While cleaning and going through out pantry, cabinets, and freezer I realized we have a lot more food than I thought...

I believe we could go a few months at least without buying any food (except fresh fruits and veggies). I guess this isn't necessarily a bad thing because if anything bad happened like the loss of a job for example we could live off that food.

My issue is I am trying to eat a better diet with more whole foods and less processed foods and what we have in the pantry especially, is mostly processed. I think I am going to try and use this stuff up and replenish my stocks with better food. Another option since I hate wasting anything isto donate it to the local food bank. I am not fully sure what I am going to do yet but I should figure it out because a bunch of the stuff I found while organizing looked really tempting ;p.

On a side note if any one knows of any "whole food" blog feel free to share them with me!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We need to get rid of some clothes!

As I was going through our closet today I realized just how much clothes we have (and my we I y really mean my husband!). For me my everyday clothes are also my work clothes so I have one small set of clothes, probably 10 full outfits. My husband on the other hand has a uniform for work and home clothes.

I decided that as I was organizing the closet I would count how any shirts we has for just a home. I found 38 shirts! I couldn't believe it, now I just need to convince him to donate a bunch of them. He tends to like to hold on to clothes but really some of the things in there I don't think I have seen him wear in 2 or 3 years...

Maybe I will just donate them when his isn't home ;)

Anybody have a husband that has way to much clothes???

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cleaning Day 2 complete!

So far I have deep cleaned the kitchen and the living room which is pretty much the whole downstairs except for a half bathroom and it looks great, I wish I always had this much time to get stuff done!

In other news today is CH's birthday and I made his a basketball cake because my mom get him some tickets to go see a Nuggets game, I think he is going to like it and since I had everything I needed to make it, it was free haha

Other then that things have been pretty lazy here the last few days

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!