Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Planning my vegetable garden

Recently we moved, from a small apartment with a patch or soil which I threw a few strawberry plants on to our house with a fairly large yard. My husband being the nice guy he is told me to take as much space for the garden as I wanted  and we would plan the landscape around it. Needless to say I am pretty excited. So here is what I plan on growing...

Not in raised boxes
-Apples (2 dwarf trees)

In raised beds
-Swiss Chard
-Bell peppers
-Jalapeno Peppers
-Assorted Herbs

I am planning 4 beds that are going to be 4 by 8?

I need to do a little more research on the bed sizes though since I have never done this before I am wondering if that is enough space for all of the veggies listed above for 2 people.

*Not mine found on Google

I am hoping that they will turn out something like the ones seen above.

I cant wait to have all of these home grown veggies, especially the bell peppers!
What are you most looking forward to in your garden this year?


  1. Wow, your husband is a nice guy! What you need is for your garden to be your landscaping! (As in edible landscaping, yes?)

    1. That is the goal! Trying to avoid grass as much as possible just a little patch for the dogs