Friday, March 1, 2013

The budget and some goals

I have finally decided to write the long awaited  budget

Our take home income is 3000 dollars on an average month

Our mortgage is 1150 and that includes taxes and house insurance (1850 left)
Our water, gas, electricity, sewage, and trash are 250 a month on average ( 1600 left)
Our cell phones are 90 a month (1510 left)
Car insurance for both cars is 110 a month (1400 left)
Gas is 350 a month because CH commutes daily (1050 a month)
Cable and Internet are 110 a month (940 left)
Dog food for both dogs is 40 a month (900 left)
Attempted grocery budget is 240 a month (660 left)
Eating out goal is 80 a month (580 left)
Credit card bills are 135 a month (445 left)
and last 145 dollars for everything else (entertainment, oil changes, hair cuts, etc..)

Leaving us with a gland total of 300 dollars to put away in savings, which is clearly not enough.

1. Cut both food categories to 200 a month while still eating good and healthy.
2. Lower gas and electricity by 30 dollars
3. Cut the everything else budget to 100 dollars

If the goals are accomplished it will save us 155 dollars which I will apply to paying off the credit card bills, which total 1800. (We are not currently making the minimum on either of them but I would love to get rid of them, especially because one still has 0 percent interest for 5 more months)

I need to find a way to make a little extra income on the side, does any one have any (legal!) ideas?

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