Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Food waste

I hate the feeling of throwing away food that I didn't eat in time. Its like throwing away money. My biggest issue is fruits and vegetables. I tend to think that we are going to eat more than we do. Just this last weekend I needed spinach and the organic bags were only 99 cents more and BOGO free plus they were 3 oz more. Of course that is a great deal so I do it. Today I opened the fridge and with a bag and a half left I doubt we will eat it all. Maybe I will switch out one of the meals I was going to make and some spinach enchiladas instead. Anyway the point here is that I need to watch more closely what I am buying and really ask myself will I eat this all? On one of my favorite blogs she does a food waste Friday where she posts everything she wasted for the week in order to make her accountable. Starting this Friday I going to start doing this too hopefully then I can stop throwing money away. What do you do to curb food waste?


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