Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thanks Google, plus a menu for the week.

While trying to find recipes to go with what I have on hand I found this site, which highlights 50 delicious crock pot recipes. I think I am in heaven they all look so good I think my crock pot will be receiving some love this week.

My menu this week is going to be,

Monday- Slow cooker baked potato soup
Tuesday- Lentil Soup
Wednesday- Stuffed Peppers
Thursday- Homemade Veggie pizza
Friday- Chicken Fajitas
Saturday- Dinner out
Sunday- Husbands choice of what we have on hand (Usually always spaghetti....)

Also going to make
2 loaves of homemade bread (freeze one)
1 attempt at homemade English muffins found on this site 

For breakfast we usually have eggs, cereal, or granola bars
For lunch I usually have/pack leftovers or sandwich and C.H. gets free lunches at work 3 days a week and packs something easy the other 2.

                                         P.S. Doesn't this potato soup look amazing?? (Found here)

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